Browse through my portfolio to see examples of my work. Each project is a testament to my dedication to quality and creativity.​​​​​​​

Currently, I work as a self-employed professional and collaborate on varied projects. I have a proactive attitude in gaining experience in the UX field. I regularly take part in webinars and I network. After completing the UX Design course, I almost immediately jumped onto my first UX Research project, where I collaborated and learned the ropes from an experienced UX consultant and trainer from Human Thing LTD.

Since the first project, I have continued to collaborate with Wojtek, who supports me with guidance, practical knowledge about the field, and the right attitude - strengthening the skills required to work in the UX Design field.

Preview of mobile design mock-ups.

UI/UX and Visual Rebranding
Set of wireframes and high-fidelity mock-ups
I established the visual language and brand definition for online presence across the web and social media. I developed a set of wireframes and high-fidelity mock-ups of the new website. 

Progress-making forces chart made in Miro.

JTBD - UX Research - case study
Research, Interviews, Analysis
Depth interviews focused on user needs. The Jobs To Be Done methodology used in Research for a client who delivers R&D tax software.

W3C logo with icons.

W3C - Set of imagery
Design for accessibility.
Voluntary collaboration with W3C. Set of imagery design required for a video campaign that promotes web accessibility.

MacBook laptop displaying a prototype of a website.

Booking System - case study
UX Design Institute
A design process: Research - Analysis - Wireframes - Prototype -TestingFrom research to medium fidelity prototype (desktop).
Want to collaborate?
I'm open to new challenges and projects. 
If you're looking for someone to work on web design, mobile app, or UX Research - drop a message!
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