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I offer my services in UX Design, UX Research, Consultancy and Graphic Design. 
I focus on functionality, accessibility, and brand strategy.

I have a strong focus on crafting captivating user experiences (UX). With years of experience in design, I'm dedicated to not only creating visually stunning designs but also ensuring seamless and intuitive interactions for your audience. Whether it's developing a cohesive brand identity, designing user-friendly websites, or producing print materials.
Areas of expertise
UX Design
Wireframes, User Flow, User Journey Mapping, Evaluation, Usability testing, Figma

User Research and UX Consultancy
Testing, Interviews, Surveys, Data Analysis, Business and marketing recognition, Heuristic Evaluation, SEO

Graphic Design
UI, Web/Mobile Design, Logo and Brand Design, Visual Identity, Design Systems, Adobe CC

Certificate of the Professional Diploma in UX Design.

About me:
Apart from daily work, I pay careful attention to staying in the balance between the real and digital world. It means that I attend social events, network, and try to stay away from the screen so I can have a broader understanding of what's around us. It also means that I can be better at my job - be productive, fulfilled and happier.
In my free time, I look after the non-digital part of being a human - enjoying slow living and celebrating ordinary moments, nourishing creativity, and seeking joy.
Sometimes I would read a piece of social or neuroscience research news to learn more about us, people.
Latest projects:
UI/UX and Visual Rebranding
I established the visual language and brand definition for online presence across the web and social media. I developed a set of wireframes and high-fidelity mock-ups of the new website. I also helped during the implementation stage by assisting the web development with my UI expertise.

UX and SEO project for Dook Ltd in July 2023  
Improving website performance and company revenue.

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