I was assigned to design the User Interface for the new website (and to lead the re-design of the entire visual identity) and to collaborate closely with the client and experienced User Experience Designer.

After the initial assessment of the website, we focused on:
- Careful interview with the client and business needs
- Understanding end users
- Follow the Accessibility requirements
- Minimalistic approach and consistency of the layout
- Re-design the structure of the service

Business profile:
A public figure popularising awareness of psychology, relationships and social nuances through social media and a signature popular podcast. An author of two books, many workshops and webinars.
Part of the aim of the re-design was to build a service that connects the Instagram feed with the website and the shop.

My role:
- Design mockups following the mobile-first design principle
- Design the website's User Interface following previously designed information architecture
- Design components, CTA's, define styles, icons, etc.
- Create a handover including web documents
- Collaborate with developers during the implementation stage

Software used:
- Figma (Mockups, Prototyping, Library)
- Adobe Illustrator (Components design)
- Trello (Collaboration and task management)
- Slack (Communication)

Mobile first mock-ups

Mobile first mock-ups created in Figma.


Components and styles created in Figma.

Mock-ups below represent the initial layout of all components developed later during the final stages (some gaps). The final website differs slightly and it is still in the testing and improvement stage.
Web document for developers.
Logo re-design - Exploring Ideas

Logo re-design - Exploring Ideas
Logo re-design
Logo re-design - In use
Branding - Colours, Fonts and Use
Visual Identity - Social Media Assets
Visual Identity - Social Media Assets

Visual Identity - Social Media Assets

Visual Identity - Landing page elements
and Newsletter
Visual Identity - PDF Webinar materials
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