Zebra Growth is a branding agency that supports ethically driven start-ups. I have taken part in a competition which was part of a job application. It required a design of a promotional post for social media and a landing page. 

Zebra Growth has been assigned to co-create and run an accelerator program.
The campaign requires to draw solopreneurs and underrepresented founders of start-ups in the impact space in Europe and to apply for an acceleration program where the gain is a £20,000 funding grant as well as 6-month peer support.

Design: Due to the lack of specific data I followed ZG style for matching campaign content. I aimed broad target group without any specific technology or innovation-oriented start-up (apart from having in mind that it needs to be an impact, ethically driven start-up).

I have done some browsing about impact start-ups and I read multiple articles about the challenges impact start-ups face and what is the general news about that business field. I also looked into similar campaigns.

 I wrote hypothetical content by myself and designed a landing page and LinkedIn post following the style of ZG branding.

Tools: Canva, Figma, Adobe Illustrator
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