Dook x Jupiter Artland - the packaging design
Collaboration with Jupiter Artland. 
Soap and packaging inspired by the forms and flora of Jupiter's Artland Sculpture Park. ​​​​​​​
Scented candle - the packaging
The project is a collaboration with 'Our Lovely Goods' and Jana Middleton - our local artist and a member of a dook staff.
Jana designed the image which strongly relates to the sea coast, sunset and light and is linked with the idea of a candle. Black lines are to be smoke and also breeze or waves.

I was assigned to:
- make sure it all exactly fits onto the sleeve for the external packaging of the candle 
- fit and adjust other content to a graphic element
- prepare it for print by splitting the file into separate pages: 'Smoke' element (black wavy line) with a matt effect and circle part on foil. (see Pic. 2)

Pic 1. Preview of an unfolded sleeve - prepared for print.

Pic 2. Pdf file preview layers split. The graphic element is printed on shiny foil.

Pic 3. Product packaging. Candle and a box.

Pic 4. Front page of an Instagram post.

Pic 5. Full, 3 slides carousel post.

Carousel posts on Instagram
Three examples of carousel posts. I match and play with forms keeping the slide show inviting to swipe by splitting some elements in between pictures indicating that there is a continuity to it.
I design these slides in Canva so the team can access them and edit texts and leave comments with suggestions.
Carousel post split into 1080x1080 pix square.
Collage posts
Some imagery of products highlighted for the Christmas Sale.
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